At BOPBOX, we frequently get asked about our menu. 

From what our staff recommends to how spicy "spicy" is — even asking how to eat something. We get it — the items, names, and ingredients you see on our menu isn't typically one you'll see in other restaurants similar to ours (Korean...ish). We all start somewhere to expand our knowledge of what food types exists, but once you become a regular, you'll get to be the one to tell your friends how and what to order. Until then here's a guide to know what's what on the menu.

Pro tip: click on the MENU tab in navigation, open the menu link in a new window and browse items with this page side-by-side for easier viewing. 

What's the difference between a BOPBOWL and a BIBIMBOP? 

Think of bopbowls as sort of grain bowls: A whole meal inside a single bowl with protein atop a bed of grains. Add an egg to it, and you're set. A bibimbop (translation: mixed rice) is a traditional Korean dish typically served in a hot stone pot with sautéed and roasted vegetables. Though served traditionally, the ingredients we use are what makes BOPBOX bibimbop